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Welcome! So glad you are here! Let me share a little bit about me. 


My name is Vanessa, also known as FitNessa or Vitamin V.  I am an exercise healer and well~being coach who believes that exercise is medicine and that being “fit” is more than exercise.  To me being fit is about connecting the mind, body and spirit to the movement of the body. I have been in the health and wellness industry for 20+ years and have created a style of training that involves balancing the physical, mental and spiritual bodies of fitness.  No matter what age my client is, my training focuses on body alignment, body awareness and body balance which requires connecting the mind to the muscles and the breath to the movement. Proper alignment, awareness and balance are needed for our bodies to move and function correctly and I love helping my clients find those connections.

As I always say "Find you's all connected!"

My Journey into Empowerment 

Fitness has always been a part of me.  It has helped me overcome physical and mental challenges throughout my life and also, allowed me to see the light even in my darkest times.  At 5 years old, I was diagnosed with asthma. Swimming was prescribed as medicine in order for me to develop my lungs and open my airways. This method worked and I am forever grateful to the doctor who believed then what I know now...EXERCISE IS MEDICINE. 

As an adult, I suffered from anxiety, being overweight, and domestic abuse. All of these factors, led to low self esteem and not knowing myself.  Finding the balance of physical, mental and spiritual fitness was my key to success in overcoming all of these challenges.  It allowed me to come back into myself, look at my fears, and push past limits I never thought possible.  It also taught me that the power of movement can connect us back to who we truly are at our core. 

I believe that everyone possesses this warrior wisdom and it is truly inspiring to see my clients feeling empowered when they connect their mind and their body to being in both motion and balance.  If you are ready to make this connection, reach out to me and let me guide you towards finding your own balance.

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